The Skillion – Day Shots

Over the coming months I am working on increasing the number of day time images to my site to broaden my range. I certainly don’t have a small supply of shots with crazy colours, but day time images are few and far between. But finding and waiting for the right day time conditions is easier said than done though.

Now that we are moving into winter we will loose that heat haze in the sky that is a trade mark of summer and also the air looks cleaner now which is a bonus. Now all I have to do is wait for the right kind of cloud (I love the high cloud like in the above shot). I also try and not shoot at mid day as the light is very blue and everything is very high contrast.

This one is taken on my good old trusty Fuji G617 on Velvia 50 | Polariser @ f16

The Skillion, Terrigal, Morning Shoot

Morning Glory

The Skillion Blend Couple of shots taken this week while running a private course from sunrise to the afternoon.

I must say that for us photographers based on the Central Coast we really do have an amazing range of locations to shoot all within such a small area.

Both shots are from the same morning. Top one is a single image. One on the left is made from 6 shots.