Fire Sky, Sydney City Sunset Panoramic

For those looking at this shot thinking you missed a sunset like this recently you can relax as this is a shot taken back in 2008 on the good old 1ds Mk II. It has just taken me this long to come back to the images for yet another attempt to get a balance of colours and contrast that I was happy with and a few days ago it finally happened. I had almost put it in the “Cant be bothered anymore” folder.

I find quite often all crazy sunsets like this you usually have to endure a day of rain and overcast conditions and this day was no exception. It was only the last 10 minutes before the sunset that you saw what was about to happen and this crazy colour started and finished in a matter 5 minutes. A real case of being at the right place at the right time.

Panoramic stitch of 12 images | 24-70mm lens | approx 180 degree view.


Abstract Sydney

When out shooting in Sydney there is a endless range of images and compositions at your finger tips. You just got to know where to look,  how to look and how to think your final shot will come out with a few photoshop tricks and applications. With this shot I could see the potential and before I even took the first shot I knew what I was going to look like.

When this was taken I was teaching my Sydney City Landscape Photography course last weekend (2nd May) showing students how the art of composition and what you don’t show can be just as powerful of a subject than the typical wide angle view over circular quay.

New images in the main gallery

The images below are just a few that have be added to my main gallery. More to come over the coming week. I’m loving the GX617 with the 90mm.

Sensational Sydney, NSW

The morning light baths our beautiful city and harbour bridge in tones of pink and gold. This was the sunrise that greeted me on the morning of my Sydney City group course in September. The early bird catches the worm !

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

This shot is taken on Soldiers Beach on the Central Coast, NSW. When driving to the beach I could already tell that it was going to be an colourful sunset. On sunsets like this the one thing that stresses me is trying to find the location to take the best shot.

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Three Sisters, Blue mountains

At the end of my recent Blue Mountains day course we all huddled at the end of the viewing platform surrounded by bus loads of tourists. As we waited we were asked frequently “Is there something special you are waiting for” by tourists who hung over the ledge and shot the scene with their tiny point and shoot cameras.

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Sydney Dawn

Sydney City

A day where the weather turned terrible almost in seconds to rain and gale force winds. The horizon was totally covered in thick cloud and fog on sunrise which gave a blue hue to everything but it made the city pop out like a metal metropolis.

Door 15, The Rocks, Sydney

When I was in the city I walked down this street and saw this door so I dropped my camera as low as possible and took this. The Rocks area of Sydney is very historic and has a lot of potential for shots like this.