Norah Head Lighthouse, Central Coast, NSW

On top of the headland at Soldiers Beach looking over the coastline running down to Norah Head Lighthouse on a rain day. This one is a 14 image stitch shot in landscape at 17mm and blended manually in Photoshop.

The manual blending of this stitch was done as photomerge didnt really do the image justice with the wide angle I wanted, plus I wanted to challenge myself with developing the technique and refining it. Took some doing blending in the rock ledge on the right of the shot. Like with all of my digital panoramics all editing and blending is done to a level not so it looks good as a web jpeg but if this image is printed big everything looks in place and all highlights and shadow detail is controlled.

After blending this by hand I have more appreciation for the job Photomerge and PtGui do for us when we just click the button and let it do all the hard work.

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Soldiers Beach

Finally caught up with a mate of mine Christian Fletcher who is over this way shooting for a new book and also for PMA that is held in Sydney this year.

I took him down to Soldiers Beach which just like Forresters Beach has so much to shoot. There was a lot of potential in the sky for an amazing light show but it never got there in the end. Didn’t stop Fletch shooting like it was his last day on earth. It’s always great shooting new locations.

This shot is at 24mm and after seeing Fletch’s shots at 16mm on his 16-35mm f2.8 I know what I am going to be saving for next.

This is another exposure blend of three shots.

New images in the main gallery

The images below are just a few that have be added to my main gallery. More to come over the coming week. I’m loving the GX617 with the 90mm.

Sensational Sydney, NSW

The morning light baths our beautiful city and harbour bridge in tones of pink and gold. This was the sunrise that greeted me on the morning of my Sydney City group course in September. The early bird catches the worm !

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

This shot is taken on Soldiers Beach on the Central Coast, NSW. When driving to the beach I could already tell that it was going to be an colourful sunset. On sunsets like this the one thing that stresses me is trying to find the location to take the best shot.

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Three Sisters, Blue mountains

At the end of my recent Blue Mountains day course we all huddled at the end of the viewing platform surrounded by bus loads of tourists. As we waited we were asked frequently “Is there something special you are waiting for” by tourists who hung over the ledge and shot the scene with their tiny point and shoot cameras.

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

On this morning I shot this sequence of shots and then when the sun breached the horizon I walked across rocks to another area to take advantage of the new light. Because it wasnt far I just picked up my tripod (camera, head still attached) and walked. When I walked down a slight slope I failed to see it was covered in slippery slime and I slipped over and came crashing down. My knees took a bounding but my camera was perfect… god it hurt but it would have hurt more to see me camera gear damaged.