Monitoring Channel Clipping – Photoshop Video Tutorial

Being able to monitor whats happening with your image in terms of clipping channels while editing is critical to making sure your images integrity in terms of avoiding pure whites and blacks is done as you process your work.

In this tutorial we show you a simple little trick where you can do this so you can add or remove luminosity to your images and see the effect it is having on the channels that make up your photo.

This tutorials can be found in the “Retouching Techniques” section of the site. It is a members only tutorial. Click here to be taken to the tutorial.

Circular Quay Photo, Sydney City & Colour Tone Video Tutorial

I have always wanted to get a better shot of this location but I never got the right light and this evening had so much potential. The light to my left was great but none of it stretched over my scene and it really didn’t deliver. Thing is the exposure was great and all the elements where there with the ferry’s and the overall composition so I had a play around in photoshop and found a nice and simple way to add some colour back into the shot. When adding a tone to the sky you got to think about how the light will behave not just in the sky but all over the image as if it was real.

My process to adding colour to the sky and beyond has been made into a video tutorial and available on the Rubbing Pixels website. Free to members and can be purchased for $5.99. This is the link to the tutorial. Enjoy.

This image was shot on the Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 slide film.

Chrome / metallic rocks and Contrast Detail photoshop video tutorial

A new video tutorial added to the Rubbing Pixel website looks at a technique that not only adds contrast detail to an image but on seascapes it will also add a great Chrome / Metallic looks to the rocks when applied. The tutorial shows you the technique and it’s application on two images so you can see the result for themselves. It wont work on all images but it is a great technique to have up your sleeve.

The tutorial is free to all Rubbing Pixels members or available for purchase for $5.99. To view the tutorial please click here.

Forresters Moon, Central Coast, NSW

Headed out for a sunset shoot that had potential but it fell through and just as I thought it had been a wasted trip the moon breached the horizon. Then more cloud came over and things went from ok, to good, to great to fantastic.

The moon popped in and out through cloud and on my last sequence of the digital panoramic I got the perfect light.

I ran the image through Photomege but it did a shocking job of the horizon and it also failed to blend in the best moon light shot. So I had to do things old school and blend the panoramic myself by hand in Photoshop. Worked a treat.

Click the image to see the larger view.

Landscape Photoshop Tutorials

Landscape Photoshop Tutorials

After a good month of hard work I have finally released my latest project which is an extensive range of Landscape Photoshop Tutorials for the digital photographer. (click to view range)

When teaching landscape photography to my students on my courses I always emphasise the importance of embracing a digital workflow to take advantage of RAW image capture.Landscape Photoshop Tutorials


The video tutorials come in three topic areas. Masterclasses | Retouching Techniques | Tips and Tricks

In my Masterclasses the tutorials show you step by step the process from start to finish that I use to create my images starting with Adobe Camera RAW development then moving to stitching using Photomerge and then final post production in Photoshop.

In the Retouching techniques tutorials I show you Photoshop skills used to edit, adjust and enhance your digital work. The Retouching techniques can be purchased individually or in packages.

Then finally in Tips and tricks I have tutorials on topics that I use and come across in my everyday work as a landscape photographer that you may find useful.

All the tutorials are recorded in high resolution with clear audio and can be viewed on both PC and MAC. The tutorials are available as instant downloads or can be mailed out should you not wish to download them.

In total there is over 1 gig worth of tutorials available and I have plenty more Masterclasses in development along with retouching techniques and more tips and tricks. All new tutorials will be advertised on the blog.

As a special offer this tutorial titled “The Entrance” is available at a special discounted rate until Sunday the 26th of October.
(download only)