Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains, NSW

This shot was taken yesterday while running my Blue Mountains Day Course… great weather but the rain got a bit heavy towards the end of the day. None the less perfect weather for shooting waterfalls.

This shot had quite a bit of work done on it in terms of trying to balance the dark tones and shadow detail in the image. Quite tricky to edit when some techniques adding contrast resulting in the greens really popping so you have to go back and kill the colour back a bit.

All the tonal work has been done using different types of luminosity masks, blurring them / sharpening them in selective areas that kind of thing. I didnt use the shadow / highlight tool in this shot (which I am a big fan of). Think the image could still do with some more work especially in the colour, but next time I might think about bracketing a shot or two for some more shadow detail in certain areas.

Single image capture | 5D MkII | 17-40mm lens @ 17mm | Polariser | F11 for 8 sec 50 iso


Balls Head Lookout, Sydney City

Found something on my desktop to post. Just needed finishing off as it is a shot taken on the Fotoman 6×24.

Taken from Balls Head Lookout in the afternoon while teaching Mike who was out here from the US for business as he owns several McDonald restaurants. Amazing organisation and it was great talking to him.

This is a great lookout apart from the total destruction of the view of the harbour bridge from the apartment block, but boy imagine living there.

Isolation, Central Coast, NSW

Snapped this shot when out teaching a private mid week course up on the Central Coast last week. I really like shooting and editing these kind of shots, but I am still undecided if they are a sell able item in a gallery environment.

I think the shot would need to be printed on Fuji Flex or Fuji Pearl / Kodak Metallic, mounted on aluminum lit with a single directional halogen light in a room with low light. Weather it would sell is another thing, guess time will tell. Hopefully not in the too distant future.


Eastern Beaches (Coogee) Landscape Photography Workshop / Course

Due to popular demand for more locations to be made in Sydney for my group courses I have created the Eastern Beaches Landscape Course that will be run on Coogee Beach and the surrounding coastal area. The courses will run with the same outline, objectives and content as my Northern Beaches, Blue Mountains and Sydney City Courses.

The first Eastern Beaches Course is set to run on the 21st of November 2010.

Full details and further dates for this course can be found by clicking here.


The Skillion, Terrigal, Morning Shoot

Morning Glory

The Skillion Blend Couple of shots taken this week while running a private course from sunrise to the afternoon.

I must say that for us photographers based on the Central Coast we really do have an amazing range of locations to shoot all within such a small area.

Both shots are from the same morning. Top one is a single image. One on the left is made from 6 shots.