Yattalunga Jetty Photos, Central Coast, NSW

A beautiful spot on the Central Coast that I have had my eye on for a while and waiting for the right conditions. Shot on the Fotoman 624 that I have been carrying around with me all the time now and I am getting some great stuff with it.

Fotoman 624 | 110mm Super Symmar lens | Center Filter | handheld lee ND grad | Velvia 50.


Norah Head Lighthouse, Central Coast, NSW

On top of the headland at Soldiers Beach looking over the coastline running down to Norah Head Lighthouse on a rain day. This one is a 14 image stitch shot in landscape at 17mm and blended manually in Photoshop.

The manual blending of this stitch was done as photomerge didnt really do the image justice with the wide angle I wanted, plus I wanted to challenge myself with developing the technique and refining it. Took some doing blending in the rock ledge on the right of the shot. Like with all of my digital panoramics all editing and blending is done to a level not so it looks good as a web jpeg but if this image is printed big everything looks in place and all highlights and shadow detail is controlled.

After blending this by hand I have more appreciation for the job Photomerge and PtGui do for us when we just click the button and let it do all the hard work.

Sydney Harbour Mega Stitched Digital Panoramic 1 gig

Sydney Harbour

Close up of detailThe other day I ran my Sydney City Day Course and I was showing how to do Close up of detailpanoramic stitches on dusk and this was one of them. This 6:1 ratio panoramic is made up of a whopping 25 portrait shot images on the 5D Mk II and when cropped and flattened weighs in at 1 Gig.

Once again the detail is amazing as seen in the other cropped pics of this shot.

Click to enlarge any of the images.

Govetts Leap Lookout, Blue Mountains

govetts leep1

I have been quite busy working on a new project so I thought I would throw up an image I have been sitting on for a while.

I took this shot on sunrise at the start of one of my Blue Mountains Day Courses earlier this year and it is a 15 image stitch shot with the 70-200 f2.8 lens on the 5D Mk II. Cropped to a 4:1 ratio.