Woy Woy, Central Coast, NSW


It’s nice to finally head out again and shoot. Been a few days stuck in doors because of bad weather. So I headed out to this new spot that I visited during the recent dust storms.

Having looked at the final panoramic I wished I had of shot it at a different angle and back further from the shore line as I really don’t like the curved effect in the foreground. But this will make a nice addition to my stock images.

8 image stitch at 40mm on 5D Mark II cropped to a 4:1 ratio.
Lee 3 stop ND soft and Lee 1 stop ND hard.

Sydney Digital Photography Workshops and Courses


I finally found some time to process one of the images I showed the group on my latest Composition Sydney workshop. The idea was shooting a main panoramic image and then shooting single shots that will complement it on a creative layout like the one above.

We all took this shot with the participants attaching their own camera to my panoramic setup and using their own lenses and the techniques taught during the day. The tutorials on my course CD will then walk them through the post production and black and white toning of the image. This does look nice as a colour shot but I just love Sydney in black and white.

For those interested in my workshops they run on the first Sunday of every month. Further details can be found here.

Word of advice before buying the 360 Precision Head


There is a lot of talk among people on which panoramic head to get as stitching is becoming popular. But I wanted to point out a few things on my purchase of the 360 precision absolute head that people might want to take into consideration before forking out a good sum of money.

1. My 360 head was set up for the 24-70mm lens. On receiving my head via FedEx the box contained no receipt of purchase, no instructions nothing other than the head and a bag of screws and washers (spares im assuming, well I hope so anyway). I got two dent rings and one was already fitted in the head. So three dent rings all up. The dent rings are double sided giving me six shooting options, the rings arnt labled at all so you dont know what settings they are for. (Once again I guessing).

2. Prior to buying the head all my email enquiries were answered within 12 hours from Matt at Precision. Since buying the head I emailed them asking about the three rings and any form of instructions on what I got. This was 10 – 14 days ago now and I have sent the same email to their orders email and Matts email address all tagged correctly as per their website instructions to avoid their SPAM filters. I tried emailing via their website’s tech support page but the page fails and you cant send anything. To date no reply from them at all.

3. When you go to the website for help on your precision the only page with details is how to put it together ie two screws the rest of the pages are “Under Construction” and have been like that for a very long time.

4. I joined their forum and was told I’d have my account activated within 24 hours…. still waiting and its been 6 days now. So I guess that wont be happening either.

5. Their is no doubt the head it well made and the information on the site is accurate about its quality and ability and isn’t embellished. Their lack of after sales support and communication has a lot to be desired. The head comes with a 5 year warranty and I’m just glad it looks almost indestructible as a business that doesn’t answer simple, polite emails asking about the head they just paid $1500 for wouldnt honor any warranty.

6. I know the dents on the head and working it out isn’t rocket science but I expected emails to be answered with info on the product that was bought and all my emails to them have been polite and there is no reason at all for them not to reply.

Thats my 2 cents worth on the item without going into any design aspects that need improving for people not wanting to 360 degree virtual tours. I have given up on expecting any form of reply and after a quick google search on the product I wont be expecting any either. I have posted some general info (as comments) that I found… all of it points to a company with no customer service.