The Skillion, another natural exposure blend

Nothing special but still a nice shot with interesting water movement. Multiple exposure blend. Hopefully by next week I will have the Canon 16-35mm f2.8 and I can off load the 17-40mm f4 which this one was shot on.

Click the image to see the larger view.

Developing the Manual HDR workflow – making progress

Ok… further playing and refinement is going well. Sure this image isnt much to look at and is missing quite a lot of nice features especially in the water but have a look at the original files below and this is the result from the workflow I am playing with. All done manually in photoshop with masks and understanding the positives and negatives in each images luminosity.

For me the technique is useless if you can’t print high quality large images from the final completed image. So the masking and blending has to be good. Looking good online means nothing to me. I’m glad to say the blending of highlight to shadow in this is pretty darn good. Click on the main image and have a look at it large, notice how there are no halo’s.

Now all I need is a better scene and challenging light to see how I go with putting it together.

HDR by Multiple exposure blending

This HDR shooting and blending technique / process and me are far from friends. But this week I have told myself that I was going to give it a go. So I headed out to one of my favourite places at the moment on the Central Coast (Spoon Bay) and kicked things off.spoon bay blend

After a nice sunrise I headed home and played with a set of images in Photomatix and after getting annoyed at the results I ended things for the day hitting Command Q on the mac thus killing the terrible image before me and terminating the program. I then decided to take a different approach and blend the three images in Photoshop. The images are -1, 0 and +1 in exposure.

So the shot on the right is my first attempt at exposure blending. I know the composition is lacking but this is just a set of shots I pulled off the card to have a go. So be kind.


Got a few more to play with and will post once they are done.