Forresters Beach Star Blend

I’m really getting into this star shooting and heading out as much as possible to explore different techniques.

With this one I arrived about a hour and a half before sunrise and I laid down some shots. I wanted to get away from the spinning star look but I needed detail as the moon had set and there was no real overhead light source. So I took a range of images all the way till sunrise to do a blend. Then finding trying to find the right combination to get a realistic look. So this is my result.

Two image blend. Sky and Ground. 20 minutes apart. Good learning experience. The key to all this is the blending of light in the exposures.

Night / Startrail Photography

Full moon was out once again and the conditions and timing were perfect to head out do another full moon night shot. Shot at 250 iso, next time I’ll put the 5D mk2 on 50 iso and add the extra 2 and 1/3 stops to the shutter speed and see how it does with noise. As I have seen and heard of some good reports and seeing it is winter and the camera will be at it’s coldest might also help reduce noise. Might so I have read anyway as the sensor wont heat up as much causing noise. !!

Click the image to see the larger view.

Forresters Rocks, Central Coast, NSW

With bad weather comes interesting clouds and lighting. Today I ran a course on the Central Coast for a lovely couple Mick and Trudy and we were able to squeeze in a full day just before it poured down.

This was an interesting spot at Forresters Beach with some strong foreground rock and great clouds in the back ground. I deliberately desaturated the clouds which worked well but I had to find a nice balance of contrast as I did have a B&W soft light layer on the clouds but the contrast too much so I got rid of it.

Forresters Beach on Lee Big Stopper

This might look like another shot from my trip out shooting under the full moon light the other week but it was taken yesterday around lunch time using the Lee Big Stopper full ND. Not totally sold on the filter over the B&W but I like the cooler look it gave this image, especially the sky.

My comparison between the Lee Big Stopper and the B&W 10 stop can be read here.

Click the image for a larger view.

Forresters Beach Sunrise Shoot

Forresters Beach

Good old Forresters Beach. It’s hard to go to this place and shoot and not to come home with something to show for your efforts. On this morning I headed out with a mate Adam who shoots with a Medium format 6×7 Pentax.

We waited for a break in the weather as it was pouring down. There was some serious dark clouds and rain coming in from the coast on the right as we shot this. (Got shots of that on the GX617). This shot was on the 5D Mark II at 17mm and was a blend of 3 exposures +1, 0 and -1 and then blended in PS.

Forresters Beach, Central Coast

Forresters Beach

What to do on an overcast and drab day. Why photography of course.

This is a three image exposure blend of +1, 0 and -1. I personally love the water movement created by the several waterfalls off the rocks. Contrasts well with the whole look of the shot. Forresters Beach is a gold mine of textures and vantage point like this one.

I will be making this image into a video tutorial in the near very future so when it is done I will post on the blog to let you all know for those who will be interested to see how this image was put together. I have had quite a few requests for tutorials on exposure blending so this will be the first. So watch this space ok !!

Forresters Beach, Central Coast


Just got a swag of film back from the lab. Totally forgot I took this shot as my film has been piling up since February. So it was a nice surprise.

This one is taken at sunrise on Forresters Beach, Central Coast, NSW.

Fuji GX617 on Velvia 50 (of course).


Forresters Beach Shoot

On Sunday the 17th of August 2008 I met up with a few guys Neal (Spool Photography) who was over my way on business and an extended photo trip and Brent Pearson who basically was our guide of the area as he had shot the location extensively and found a lot of interesting rock formations, unfortunately the best feature was under water from the high tide.

This shot is just one of quite a few I am yet to go through. There was one location where the huge swell was crashing into the rock wall and the wave splash was incredible. This location is ripe with potential and you can expect to see quite a few more images of this place to come in the near future. Especially with the arrival of my Fuji GX617 this week.

Click on the image for the large version and check out the rock detail in the foreground… just beautiful.

Taken on Canon 1ds Mark II | 24-70mm lens