Newcastle Greeting Cards and Landscape Picture Book

Newcastle Greeting Cards and Book

On Tuesday we delivered our first Newcastle Greeting Card and Newcastle Book spinner into the Unleashed Book shop located in the Kotara Westfield Shopping Centre.

The rack holds 28 handmade custom cards each with a different unique image of Newcastle on them. The card is a beautiful big C5 size (21cm x 14.5cm) in size and are blank inside. The racks also hold my new Newcastle landscape picture book that is also C5 in size and is 64 pages in length, hard backed and make for a perfect keep sake or gift.

The card retail for $4.50 each and the book is $14. Or you can get both for $15.


Matt is a full time professional landscape photographer based on the Central Coast of NSW.
To keep up with all his travels and on location posts and encounters follow him at his  facebook page and Google + and  you wont miss a thing. Matt’s main website can be viewed here where he has over 1000 images on display from places around Australia.

New Email Newsletter – Now Out

We have just launched our new newsletter that will hit all of our subscribers mailbox a few times a week of shoots between Newcastle and Sydney taken that week. No junk, no spam, not pushing anything, just a bunch of beautiful photos of your local area from the land, sea or sky. What ever we are up to that week.

To sign up to our newsletter just jump over to the website and enter your email address into the “Mailing List” box in the right column or head on over to our facebook page and you can sign up there.

First email goes out at 2.30pm today from our sunrise shoot at Avoca Beach this morning.

Story Bridge Photos, Brisbane, Queensland


Here is a shot from my overnight stay in Brisbane. I had seen this image a few times and knew I wanted one for my own collection. The problem that faced me was the construction of the new Marriot building that dominates the skyline in the city now. Even with a 72mm lens on a 617 camera a once popular angle is no longer possible.

But you dont have to look (walk far) to find an equally impressive angle that fits nicely within the view of a 90mm lens.

This is one of those shots that I love doing where you turn up to a location with very little light where your light meter wont even give you a reading yet and you start with F16 and around 8 minutes and then monitor the light during the exposure and if your light meter begins to work then you finish the exposure around the 6 min mark. This is the result 🙂

This image and more shots of Brisbane can be seen in my recently created Brisbane online gallery section. I have a few more trips planned for Queensland over 2012 and I will be making Brisbane my overnight stop over so I can shoot the city some more.

To keep up with all my travels and on location posts and encounters follow me on my facebook page and you wont miss a thing.

Surfers Paradise Photos, Gold Coast, Queensland


I just completed a weeks shooting in Brisbane and along the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is certainly an impressive location and the sight of the Surfers Paradise buildings along the foreshore is a real statement. While I was there we had high tides and the amount of sand loss along Surfers was compared to that of the time of the floods. There were atleast 10 foot drop offs in sections where the beach was missing. Crazy stuff.

To view my range of Gold Coast image you can see them at my online gallery here.

When on location I add a lot of in the field shots, updates and all that kind of fun stuff to my facebook page other photographers like following. So if thats you then click on the link and “Like the page” and you will be kept up to date.

One Mile Beach, Forster, NSW Photos

Just one of the beautiful photos I shot when away on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I knew this was going to be a special series of photos, as I took a few shots on the 5D MkII before the sun breached the horizon and they came out great but you just cant beat a perfectly exposed 617 transparency.

Shot on the Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 slide film.

This shot now lives in the Mid North Coast, NSW Gallery on the Matt Lauder website.


New Photoshop Tutorial – Bypass Adobe Camera RAW when batch processing RAW files.

A problem encounted when batch processing RAW files with an action you have created in Photoshop through Adobe Bridge is the programs need to open every file in Adobe Camera RAW first. After that it will then run the action and prompt you again to process the next file in ACR.

This totally defeats the purpose of the batch process to simplify the time consuming process of editing bulk RAW images at once. In this tutorial we show you how to create the right action and then to process all your selected RAW files using your action and totally avoiding the ACR prompt.

Might sound tricky but its very easy.

This tutorials can be found in the “Tips and Tricks” section of the site. It is a members only tutorial. Click here to be taken to the tutorial.

The new Matt Lauder Gallery facebook “like” page

Hi all,

Just letting you know that I have finally set up my own Matt Lauder Gallery “like” page on facebook.

I’ll be posting on there frequently with info of what I am up to, images, projects, exhibitions etc.

The link is here for those interested in checking it out.

I just added on there a digital image of The Skillion that I re worked last night. Came up a treat and also a digital panoramic I took of Coogee last month when the beach was packed on a roasting hot weekend.

Still here… just busy

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I have posted anything. Just letting you know that I am still here and am working hard on quite a few new ventures for 2011. The main one at the moment is relocating my whole base of operations from a small site office to a 100sqm commercial premises next week for the expansion of my business this year.

I got quite a few exciting things to release, including pics of the new place as it comes together and gets fitted out.

Stay tuned I will post something of more substance soon.

Happy Shooting.

Freshwater Beach Aerial Shot Northern Beaches, Sydney

An aerial shot from the 5D MkII overlooking Freshwater Beach. I much prefer the colour quality of the light in the digital over the film at this time of day. Good learning experience though. Next time will use a different film.

Camera Food

The other day I took delivery of my bulk order of Velvia 50 slide film from the US.

1 Brick and 5 rolls. (125 rolls all together).

With my gear this is equal to: 500 shots on my 617’s or 375 shots on my 624 or 1500 shots on the blad. Should keep me busy for a little while. But I will be ordering more next month.