Not a surfer in sight, Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Out yesterday afternoon shooting down at Avoca Beach giving my new Canon 7D a work out with my 400mm lens which is now the equivalent to 640mm on the 7D with it’s 1.6x magnification factor.

The surf was huge and rough, there wasnt a surfer or beach goer in sight just a few taking their afternoon walk along the beach.

This shot could make the list for the surf section, which when launched will be found in the main gallery section.

Body Surf, Freshwater Beach Surf Photos

My collection of surf images is coming along slowly, but it is coming along which is the main thing. This shot really stood out to me one afternoon when shooting panoramics over Freshwater Beach as each set came in and the hoards of summer swimmers made a break for it trying to Body Surf.

Hopefully more to come. When I launch all the shots you will find them in my main gallery section.

Hope you enjoy this one. 5D MkII | 70-200mm f2.8 lens.