Sydney Canvas Printing, Acrylic Face Mounting Service – Still Creations

Still CreationsStill Creations is our new lab that not only handles all of Matt Lauder’s landscape photography orders for customers but also is open to the general public.

The lab is specially designed for the Mum and Dad photographers, ihpone and holiday snappers that want to upload a photo and have someone else do all the work with making sure it looks amazing when printed.

We offer our customers images to be printed and mounted to a range of materials such as Stretched on Canvas, Acrylic Face Mounted, 2mm Aluminium panel, on a free standing 3cm thick acrylic block or our Eco product a Bamboo Panel. All done at excellent princes.

Our website is here Still Creations or if you want to jump to our latest blog post where we outline what we can do for you in more detail click here.

Landscape Canvas and Printing Service, Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast

This is a quick video I put together of the equipment I use to print and coat my canvas. Currently printing using the Epson 9800. Looking to upgrade to the 9900 soon and the most critical piece of equipment is the Falcon F60 laminator that applies using heat and pressure an ultra strong, UV protective, gloss or matt coating to the canvas. This process cant even be compared to the messy, non durable roll on or spray coating that is used by most in the industry. You can rub a screw drive on the laminate and you wont scratch through it. The laminate isn’t cheap nor is the laminator but the final perfect application and durability for customers is worth the extra cost.

In 2012 I will be offering my canvas printing to photographers and the general public and the pricing will be ultra competitive with others in the market who are offering spray lamination.

Even photographers who can print their own canvas I will be offering a lamination service.

Will post more details in the coming month as my site gets geared to accept online image uploads and orders.